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General Pet Care

How to give subcutaneous fluids:

How to give insulin:

How to check for fleas:

How to remove a tick:

Cat Care

How to pill a cat:

How to give a cat liquid medication:

How to trim a cat’s nails:

How to take a cat’s temperature:

How to brush a cat’s teeth:

Dog Care

How to trim a dog’s nails:

How to take a dog’s temperature:

How to brush a dog’s teeth:

How to give a dog a pill:

How to clean a dogs ear:

Rabbit Care

Signs that your pet rabbit is healthy:

Buying a pet rabbit:

Signs your pet rabbit is sick:

Taking your pet rabbit to the vet:

Why to spay and neuter your rabbit:

Where to keep your pet rabbit:

Rabbit bedding and cages:

Rabbit chew toys:

How to litter box train your rabbit:

How to safely pick up your rabbit:

How your rabbit can interact with your other pets:

Why you SHOULDN’T get a pet rabbit for Easter!

Introduction to pet guinea pigs:

Pet guinea pig housing:

Guinea pig bedding:

Hide boxes for pet guinea pigs:

Handling pet guinea pigs:

Picking up pet guinea pigs:

Feeding your guinea pig: part one:

Feeding your guinea pig: part two:

Vitamin C for your guinea pig:

Guinea pig breeds:

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