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Ordering prescription drugs online can save you time and sometimes even money — but you must be careful. Bollinger Canyon Animal Hospital pet owners can order their pet’s prescription online from our website for pickup at the office.
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Need a Pet’s Prescription Filled?
We want to encourage you to contact us or call our office at 925-866-8500 when your pet need a refill. We will have your pet’s prescription ready within 24-48 hours.

We also must caution you about purchasing your pet’s medication from an unknown online source. Be extra careful. Some online pet pharmacies ship expired drugs or those that haven’t been stored properly. Others don’t require a prescription or check for drug interactions.

Buying prescription drugs for your pet online: The do’s and don’ts

Things to do:

Do consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can determine if a particular drug is safe for your four legged family member or if another treatment would be more appropriate.
Do insist on access to a nursing specialist, veterinarian or veterinary hospital. Reputable veterinary sites offer access to veterinaries, or a veterianian hospital for help answering your medication questions. Some online veterinary pharmacies have traditional physical locations as well. If you have questions about a medication after your pet begins taking it or you’re concerned about drug reactions, it may be especially valuable to speak with a veterinarian in person.
Do read the privacy and security policies.
Before placing an order, be confident that your credit card number, personal information and other personally identifiable information will be protected.
Do compare prices. You may find great deals online. But there aren’t any guarantees. Your local veterinary hospital might be comparable to the online price.
Do be careful of counterfeit drugs. Some medicines sold by online Web sites are outright fakes. Be suspicious if there’s no way to contact the supplier by phone, if prices seem too good to be true or if you’re told no prescription is required.
Do be cautious of pet sites based in foreign countries. Legitimate international sites exist. But there are risks.

Things not to do:

Don’t use a veterinary site that bypasses prescriptions. Only your veterinarian can safely prescribe medication for your pet and monitor side effects.
Don’t overlook the address and phone number. Steer clear of sites offering pet prescriptions that don’t provide a street address and phone number.
Don’t succumb to false claims. Don’t buy medication from sites that advertise “miracle cures” or those that use impressive terminology to disguise a lack of good science.
Don’t keep complaints quiet. Speaking up can help promote a safer marketplace for everyone.

Take control
When your veterinarian prescribes a medication for your pet, make sure you understand why your pet needs it — and give it to your pet correctly. Whether you fill your prescription at Bollinger Canyon Animal Hospital or online, make sure you get what the veterinarian ordered.

Is your pet’s name printed correctly on the medication label?
Is the name of the medication correct?
Does the dosage match what the veterinarian told you your pet needed?
Is the packaging intact?
Is the expiration date clearly listed?
Do the instructions make sense?
Is there printed information about warnings and precautions?

If you have any questions or concerns, check with our office by calling 925-866-8500 or contact us before taking the medication. A simple phone call may help you prevent a potentially serious or costly mistake.

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