Veterinary Resources

Our Patient Resources area features listings for medical information, how to choose or find a qualified veterinarian in your area, tips on how to care for your pets, information about your pets behavior, animal parasite information, trusted local and national organizations, pet products, and services. New listings are added regularly.
An excellent site for people interested in a career in veterinary medicine.
Sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association this site has wonderful medical information as well as pet tips.
The Association of Feline Practitioners a cat only veterinary organization. There are good links and information about our feline friends.
An excellent site for people interested in a career in veterinary medicine
The California Veterinary Medical Association web site has information on how to find a veterinarian in your area and a good section called “It’s about pets” for the pet owner.
A PHENOMENAL site about asthma in cats. It is written for the layperson and even includes videos of cat’s receiving breathing treatments. It has links for products that are helpful for these patients.
This site is dedicated to the owners of cats in chronic kidneyfailure. It is a tremendous resource written for the layperson to help understand the disease and it’s many phases of treatment. There is also an area to go to for memorializing your feline friend.
This website, part of The Ohio State University’s site, is an excellent resource for the cat owner. It discusses feline behavior and how to enrich an indoor cat’s life. A must read for cat owners!
This site contains great videos for cat owners. They demonstrate how to: treat a diabetic cat; give medications to a cat (always a challenge!); do a nail trim on your cat; take your cat’s temperature; and brush your cat’s teeth.
A link to the Cornell Veterinary School’s client site. It has reliable resources for the pet owner. The content is changed regularly.
The site for northern California’s veterinary school.
This site, put on by the Companion Animal Parasite Council, is the US authority on all types of parasites and how they affect us as well as our pets.
This site is from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and gives information about the benefits of chiropractic care in animals and how to find a trained professional in your area.
This is the owner’s companion to VIN (Veterinary Information Network) the leading on-line site for up-to-date information and education for your veterinarian. This site has a tremendous amount of information for all pet owners. If you have a question you can usually find the answer here from a trusted source.

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